Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Post

Why should another miscellaneous blog be added out on the web?  Well, this one started out for motivation purposes only.  I live out in a rural area and finding exercise classes can be a bit of a challenge.  I do best with exercise if I am tricked into it.  Some people love to exercise.  Me, I hate sweat - with a passion.  I do best when I feel like I am doing something fun that just happens to be good for me.  For example, with yoga while I am working some muscles I am stretching something else.  With a Zumba class, I can feel like I am just dancing to good music.  Unfortunately, most of that isn't easily available where I live.

Mulling this problem over in my head I came up with a solution - Netflix.  We already have an account with them and they have various exercise videos.  Why don't I go through their selection?  That way I can try out new things and get some exercise.

One problem with this solution, I can be lazy.  What is my motivation for getting these exercise videos and actually doing them instead of letting them sit by the television for several months collecting dust?  I know, public humiliation!  I'll tell a friend that currently blogs and she will keep me honest.  If I haven't posted in awhile about a new DVD, I'll get a friendly phone call or e-mail razzing me.  Solution found to the problem!

However, this would mean that I would just add a post every two weeks or so.  Hmm... Why not blog about other things that matter to me?  My husband has recently been diagnosed with a wheat allergy.  I'm still learning how to bake and make desserts for him.  I might as well blog my results on this, too.  For that matter, I could make this like my journal and write about various things.  Why not?  Well, we'll see how it goes.