Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday Hoppers

I have a big pet peeve - holiday hoppers.  There is ONE normal holiday that I really enjoy and it is Thanksgiving.  There are no forced decorations, buying of presents, parties, expectations, etc.  You just have to worry about not overcooking the turkey, having the television on the right channel for the football game and eating with family at a decent time.

Apparently, since people can't make money off this holiday they have decided to start promoting Christmas BEFORE Halloween.  Christmas decorations shouldn't appear until the day after Thanksgiving.  Why can't we just enjoy a holiday before we start trying to celebrate the next one?

(This is from Chuck & Beans at

We have people near us that have already put up Christmas lights and they've started lighting them at night.  My daughter and I have declared that they are "Holiday Hoppers".  Shame, shame on you...

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