Tuesday, November 8, 2011

National Corduroy Day

A rare day is approaching in history - 11/11/11.  This, of course, means that National Corduroy Day is approaching.  If you think I'm joking, just google it.  There is a big meeting in New York City to celebrate this day but to attend you have to wear at least three different pieces of corduroy clothing.  If I lived four hours away, I would HAVE to attend this.  (Texas, however, is just too long of a drive.)  It isn't that I love corduroy (although I do love a nice fine wale shirt), it just sounds like a really funny, offbeat kindof meeting.  Something that you could throw out at boring, conventional dinner parties.

Other:  "So, do you think the economy will improve if the Jobs Bill passes?"

Me:  "I don't know but I hope the economy recovers soon.  I really need to buy some new pieces of corduroy."

Other:  Look of extreme confusion.

Me:  "I'm a member of the Corduroy Appreciation Club and everyone has already seen all of my corduroy clothing options.  With the national event arriving, I need to wear as many pieces as I can find.  Hey, do you want to come with me?"

Other:  Look of extreme confusion.  Future plans to gossip about this with fifty acquaintances about that odd Sarah and her little "quirks".

It sounds like much fun.  I actually have some friends that would probably attend with me.  If anything, it sounds like an unusual event.

I thought about buying corduroy for everyone in the family but I am too cheap thrifty to do so.  My husband would never wear it again.  I've been mulling over food to serve for this day.  Twizzlers, of course, come to mind but they don't make a very good main course.  I guess I could make a Shepherd's Pie and comb the mashed potatoes on top into thin lines.   Hmmm....

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