Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Anne Hathaway

I secretly wish that I was Anne Hathaway.  She just seems like a fun, really nice, kindof quirky person who just happens to be stunningly beautiful.  Somebody that could enjoy almost any situation and be able to tell a funny story about it.  (There I was, sitting beside the highway with steam coming out of my car and this guy on a Harley pulls over to help.  Now, his beard was so long it got wrapped in his handlebars.  When he tried to get off, he fell off the side of his bike and sprawled out on the ground.  His pants fell down and there, for all the whole world to see, was a tattoo of Tinkerbell on his butt.)

I don't stay up late enough to see late night television but I saw the funniest clip on Blog Site List.  Apparently, Anne relives stress by making up songs.  This is a hilarious rap about paparazzi.

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