Friday, September 9, 2011

The Verdict - Bollyrobics

I wanted to do a Bollywood exercise video first because the dancing style is so exburant and fun to watch.  It looks like a blast to dance to.  I was first exposed to this style on So You Think You Can Dance.  (This show is excellent to work out to.  How can I complain about being tired when these kids are leaping all over the stage.)  There were several different DVDs available from Netflix so I picked this one out at random.

It proved to be an interesting but much shorter workout than expected.  There are three dance workouts on the DVD but they all share the same Warm-Up and Cool-Down portions.  Here is the set-up for all three routines.

Step By Step

It makes sense to reuse the first and last parts but they make up a HUGE portion of the routine.  Using my highly unscientific method of glancing at the clock during the middle dance segment, these sections took up 40% of the routine.  The Step by Step portion is an extremely light workout since the instructor layers the moves.

The instructor is very hard to see since she wears all black.  This makes it impossible to tell where her legs are located.  Is the right or the left leg supposed to be in the front?  The editing in the Step by Step is very jumpy and the picture is fuzzy.  During the dance routine, the producers have copied the same dancer into three spots.  It is very disconcerting.  The first routine involves scarves which seems pretty cheesy and the computer animated background completes the cheese.

I started out really disliking this DVD.  It didn't seem like much of a workout or much fun.  However, once I moved on to the second and third songs I started to enjoy it more.  The more I do the routines, the more I like them.  Now, some of the songs are stuck in my head.

Verdict:  I wouldn't count on this DVD to provide a vigorous workout but it would be an occasional nice change of pace.

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